Edric's friend Pam (pictured below) reached out to us and asked us to share his story with our Black Vegans Rock audience.


She writes, "Ed and I both work for the London Fire Brigade as operational fire fighters. Ed hasn’t had the easiest time recently and I’d like to do something for him that will make him smile. Last June Ed attended the Grenfell Fire in West London and was very affected by it." 


Edric became a vegan about 18 months ago and it has changed his life. He is writing a book partly because he’s so enthusiastic about being a vegan and because muscles do not equate to meat. His book is about his personal journey and how being a vegan has helped him.


Ed lost his mother to a bowel related cancer when he was younger (about 21) and then lost his best friend to cancer during the same period of his life.  He has also lost other family members to the same. He decided he wanted to live a healthier life and started looking at ways to be healthier. Then he saw a documentary called 'Earthlings' and became a vegan over night and has not looked back. 

He discusses the impact that meat farming and the transport of meat around the globe has on the planet.  He also has serious concerns about animal welfare around farming.

 He also wants to encourage more men to become vegans, especially men like his old gym buddies. He wants to show them that being a vegan doesn't mean you have to stop training to gain muscle. 

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