FEATURE: Talmadge Spicer

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Sunny Goes Vegan Mid-Cheeseburger          

My name is Talmadge “Sunny” Spicer and I went vegan cold turkey mid-cheeseburger. Starting in February 2017, my vegan journey has done many things for me but more than anything else, it has liberated my mind to experience an “outside-of-the-box” lifestyle that has affected every aspect of my life.  7 months in, I am excited for the opportunity to share my green eating experiences with you.

Becoming vegan has always been something floating around in my subconscious only to surface recently at an “Art Of Conversation Event” by my friend Chris Bright. I remember a conversation about veganism and I, like most meat-eaters, respected the decision to be vegan but could not imagine giving up that one food. Mine was chicken. I argued that red meat and pork can and should be left out of my diet but I was married to chicken. In a room full of vegans I was quickly educated on what I was ignorant about.

Within a months time, I decided to give it a try half way through an Italian cheeseburger that, in all honesty, wasn't all that tasty. Step 1 was to Vegucate myself. I hopped on Netflix and watched Vegucated and my eyes were opened and I gained an intense hunger for knowledge on the subject. YouTube offered a wealth of information and thoroughly changed my perspective. I knew that I would be successful as a vegan but you couldn't tell that to anyone around me. They said things like “You bugging, what are are you going to eat?”, “I don't want you passing out at the gym!”, and “We need protein! Where will you get protein?” These comments ironically confirmed that I was making the right decision as I cleansed my cabinets and fridge of all animal products.   

Becoming aware of the benefits and opportunities I had as an individual converting to veganism made the transformation almost effortless. I learned of the factory farming tragedy that my former meat eating diet was contributing to. I learned how it causes the highest levels of Co2 omissions over the world's transportation being the number 1 contributor to global warming. I learned that the plants and grains we feed our food could be fed to other people and potentially end world hunger. Finally, I learned of the individual health benefits I would experience as an individual. Knowledge of these three aspects made becoming a vegan and educating others a no brainier.         

My vegan journey also led me to refocus my social media marketing agency, Growth 4 Green Eats, to exclusively cater to Vegan restaurants. Now I help vegan restaurants connect with local vegans all across the country using their social media accounts and am in love with what I do and the purpose behind it!       

All in all, I consider my journey unique to me as all vegans should. I've been opened up to a whole world of new foods I had no clue existed, my cooking game has skyrocketed, and I've been able to help others see the transformation first hand and helped inspire them to try it out. I love being vegan and hope to promote my lifestyle any way I can.

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