I was was born in Trinidad & Tobago and moved to Canada in 1969 to attend University. I am a Vegan, a former Licensed Massage Therapist, a Writer, and lifelong student of nutrition and fitness. I am 70 years old. My health journey started forty years ago when a good friend encouraged me to stop eating meat. I was never a great lover of meat so it was relatively easy for me to do. It did not take long for me to feel the benefits. My energy level significantly increased and my annual lab tests results were great. I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle for about thirty years, eating seafood a few times a week.

As fate would have it, my childhood sweetheart and I reconnected as good friends several years ago and she has been a vegan for about twenty years. She convinced me to become a full-fledged vegan. This change heightened my passion for healthy living and inspired me to write a book to encourage black people to pay more attention to what they eat than to what they wear. I spent four years researching and writing. My book was published in January 2017. As many black vegans experience, many of my friends and family are for the most part indifferent to my efforts to get them to adopt a vegan lifestyle. But I am beginning to get positive responses from those who have read my book.

I am currently single and would love to connect with other black vegans. I am a strong advocate for eating plant-based whole foods. I currently write a monthly feature article on nutrition for Caribbean Camera, a weekly newspaper in Toronto. My new book, Let Food Be Your Medicine Today –Live Strong and Healthy on Plant-Based Whole Foods, is now available at www.amazon.com and at A Different Booklist in Toronto.  

Joe's Email Address: plantbasedjoe27@gmail.com