FEATURE: Daudi McLean - The Vegan Guru

Daudi is featured with Russell Simmons 

Daudi is featured with Russell Simmons 

How it all "Vegan", 

Well let me just start by saying this:  I lost 115 Lbs in 11.5 months without missing a meal! When I changed from a "Die-T" to a "Live It"!

Originally, I just wasn't feeling good about myself. It wasn't necessarily just an external aesthetic thing, but I was really unhealthy and under-nourished. I felt like I couldn't even run from a dog if I had to...I would be a dog's lunch in New York if that day ever came. I grew up in NY and in 1993 I moved to L.A. I had never seen a mountain or been on a real beach coming from the concrete jungle of the east coast.

In Los Angeles I was introduced to plant-based food by my first manager in the music business. Then I learned the importance of drinking water to curb one's appetite and I also read a pamphlet that suggested going vegan and eliminating animal products from my eating plan..."It's not a 'Die-t' It's a 'Live It'..." I lost 60 Lbs in 2 months on my new plant-based vegan program, along with hiking in nature and on beautiful beaches, natural strength training and daily calisthenics.

Eventually I lost 115 Lbs naturally without missing a meal. I'm not necessarily saying you should go vegan to lose weight, because everyone has a different story, and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I'm not into fat-shaming anyone. I'm just talking about my own personal journey in hopes that if you relate to me, you will feel inspired.

I became a celebrity vegan chef, restaurateur and high energy Vegan Guru motivator. Be looking out for my new cooking reality show and book "The Vegan Guru" - No Gym Required, which details how I lost 115 Lbs in 11.5 months by going vegan coming summer 2017! 

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