Hey everyone! I'm Gina and I live in Southern California. 

Before I even knew how to tie my shoes, I knew that I didn't like eating meat. There was something about my molars accidentally crushing chicken bones and the way the squishy pork fat glided in my mouth that repulsed me. I almost always left the meat on my plate untouched. However, I absolutely did enjoy eating other foods. Whenever I ate cheese pizza before I began my vegan journey, I never left a crumb on my plate. Before my vegan transition in 2012, I was so addicted to cheese; I almost always had a meal that contained it.

As a vegetarian growing up, my health was relatively good, but I had acne breakouts from my mid teens to mid 20's. By the time I was 26 years old, my sinus infections had worsened and I researched natural ways to relieve my adverse symptoms. I read an article stating that an excess of mucus could be the cause of sinus issues and that removing dairy and eggs from the diet could help. After taking the article's advice, my sinus pain stopped keeping me up at night and I was finally able to simultaneously breathe out of both of my nasal passages for the first time in years. 

That was just the beginning of my vegan journey. Today, I continue to research natural health remedies and I'm learning something new everyday about medicinal herbs and the nutritional value in fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health benefits of a plant-based diet are endless and so are the blessings and love that come from being compassionate towards animals. 

I'm currently sharing my health and wellness journey on my YouTube channel where I provide plant-based recipes, health tips, and motivational messages. 



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