FEATURE: Deborah Ajulo

Hi my name is Deborah Ajulo, I'm a 19 year old environmental science student. I first realized what a vegan was three years ago when I stumbled across the actress Maggie Q. who is also a vegan. Being the curious person that I was, I went and did some research and came across a lot of articles and documentaries explaining veganism and why you should turn vegan. I soon realized it was not natural for me to be consuming the flesh of other animals and their wastes. My eyes were open to the meat and dairy industry and I was able to see how animals have been mistreated and abused. It was then that I swore to myself I would never consume animal-based products again and it has been the best decision of my life.

I used to suffer from bad acne and my skin has cleared up drastically. I also have a lot of energy and a glow to my skin. I've taken an interest in the environment and protecting souls whose voices aren't heard, which is why I now study environmental science. The transition was relatively easy but I mostly struggled with sweets since all my favorite ones contained gelatin, but not once did I relapse. I have been a vegan for nearly three years now and I am carrying on strong influencing my family and friends as I continue on this vegan journey. 

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