FEATURE: Kyobe Ashiraf Kyeyago

Kyobe Ashiraf Kyeyago is the Founder of Vegan Society Uganda. Kyobe Ashiraf Kyeyago works tirelessly to fight animal cruelty. Vegan Society Uganda is recognized as a community-based organization. It is non-profitable, non-political, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory. The secretariat of the organization is located in the republic of Uganda in Iganga Municipality, Iganga district. The goals of the project are to stop animal cruelty, increase animal welfare and open sanctuaries in Uganda and all over Africa, reduce the consumption of animal products in Uganda and all over Africa, improve the availability of vegan products, restaurants, catered events and markets in Uganda and all over Africa, and raise awareness about climate change, environmental issues and the importance of veganism.

He is trying to promote veganism in Uganda and he has a very detailed proposal requesting your financial support. If you are interested in looking at Kyobe Ashiraf Kyeyago's financial proposal, please email him at: vegansocietyuganda@gmail.com.