FEATURE: Daud (David) K. Scott

My name is Daud (David) K. Scott, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner in Los Angeles, California and longtime vegan. I’ve incorporated veganism as a way of life starting out at my days as a student at Hampton University in Virginia in the late 1990’s. I was initially introduced to the vegan path through association with the hardcore-punk rock movement and representatives from various animal rights associations. Veganism has allowed me to unfold the steps to a clear mind, deeper spirituality and a greater connected presence to the Earth.  I am presently running a Holistic Nutrition practice called: Natures First Path. My practice first and foremost assists clients through plant-based (Vegan) eating, then mindfulness, herbology, reflexology and iridology.

Working with clients over a number of years, it became clear to me that people have more of a say so in the direction of their own health than they realize. For me the most obvious and clear thing to do is to just simply begin to eat more fresh, organic vegetables and fruits to allow the detoxification process to begin. I know that plant-based vegan eating and ethical practice holds a major key in correcting the many imbalances that so many people are dealing with today.

I am of the belief that it is never too late to correct any imbalances we feel in our bodies as so long as we have breath in us and have strong will and determination. I believe that most; if not all of the things to help us with nutrition and vitality can be found in our foods, and within the human body itself: The Natural Order. I became a nutritionist as a path of healing; and healing in our communities is greatly needed; may we be available in whatever capacity we can for those who are seeking.

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