FEATURE: Antoine Knighton


Antoine Knighton is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and he officiates college and semi professional basketball. He played professional basketball in Europe and as well as other countries. He's going on two years of being vegan. 

I decided to go vegan January 2016 after being a vegetarian for a year. I decided to go vegan because I was inspired by 2 of my vegan friends. They had a youthful appearance. They introduced me to a couple of documentaries, one being Food Inc., which was very enlightening! Once I understood the entire process of how animals were slaughtered and processed, I decided to stop eating meat "cold turkey."  

There were several debates with my friends. They questioned how I was going to get protein, B12, and other forms of nutrition. They were of the belief that animals were created for humans to eat. In other words, my friends were not very supportive.  My family, on the other hand, was very supportive. They encouraged me to do what was best for me. Some of my family members have started to change their eating habits after seeing what eating a plant-based diet has done for me.  

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For people who currently eat meat, they should recognize the harmful effects that eating meat, fish, and dairy has on their body. I would encourage them to eat plant-based in order to cleanse their bodies inside, which will also help with their outer appearance. You have more mental clarity, energy, and feel less sluggish throughout the day. Raise your conscientiousness and compassion for all animal life.  

Since moving to a plant-based diet, I have lost over 40 pounds. I am now helping others transition to a vegan life-style through coaching and mentorship.  I also started a vegan social group to bring people together and introduce them to vegan restaurants and festivals in Atlanta throughout the year. I am a former international pro basketball player who now referees on a collegiate and semi-pro basketball level.  My mission is to help other referees, athletes, and anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. I am the Vegan Referee!

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