FEATURE: Nzingah Oniwosan


So how did I get here? 

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

At 19 I had five physicians that I saw on a regular basis because of a prolactinoma (pituitary tumor) and scleroderma (autoimmune disorder). 
Beginning at 12 years of age I was condemned to a life of prescription drugs, being poked, and asked to be studied (my autoimmune disorder is rare and was atypical in its presentation). I felt like there had to be better way and with some research I felt veganism and a herbal protocol was my way towards health or being the healthiest I could be given the circumstances.

I made the changes and weaned myself off the drugs. I became a certified holistic health consultant, raw vegan chef, and yoga instructor so I could own my healing process. My autoimmune disorder has been in remission and the major side effects of my prolactinoma (irregular menstrual cycle) has been eliminated.


People come into veganism for different reasons - some for health and others for animal rights. With time it really becomes a lifestyle and doesn't feel so cumbersome. Sixteen years ago I would have never imagined myself here. I am grateful for health. I am grateful to now assist people along the same journey through my personal narrative and  trainings. 

You can find me at www.yesbabyilikeitraw.com

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