FEATURE: Neon Prince

Photo credit: Andreas Knüttel (Dynamic Eye Studios)

Photo credit: Andreas Knüttel (Dynamic Eye Studios)

Aloha!  Through veganism, together we can reshape our world in the image of peace, unity, and love. As a vegan for 10 years, I see the lifestyle as a constant  prayer for peace and harmlessness. I see the deep spiritual connection that exists between all beings on this planet - humans, plants, animals, earth, wind, water and fire. We are truly all connected! In my desire to see peace prevail through all people, places, things and events of this world, veganism was a missing peace (piece). I am Neon Prince, an avid vegan, musician and free-energy scientist residing here on the Hawaiian Islands. I am honored to share some thoughts with you about my experience with veganism and how the practice has been a positive, healing and purposeful and central aspect of my life.

I have found being vegan to be a powerful unifying force in my life. Making the choice to honor all animals on this planet as sacred and as equals has been an ever evolving heart opening experience for me. To me, veganism represents co-existence, allowance, respect and harmlessness. It has definitely been a spiritual journey!  My heart, mind and eyes have been continually opened, clearly  seeing the beautiful spirit, soul or god-essence within animals, plants and all of nature!  As time goes on, maintaining my discipline and devotion to the lifestyle, I notice my connection to other humans, plants and animals ever increasing.  As I sit in nature, meditating or simply being, I cannot help but to feel the blissful, peaceful and balanced energies vibrating  all around me. The trees, birds, insects and land animals all seem to speak to my soul. I feel a unity or a Oneness with nature. I also feel that everything is in a divine balance set in motion by a higher power. Going vegan accelerated this humility within me.  A humility that prefers not to disturb the divine order. Harmony is the way! Interestingly enough, as this harmony, peace and unity increased through the lens of vegan harmlessness, I also noticed my fear of animals, humans and nature dissolving. I began to feel eternally safe within this bubble of vegan harmony and peace. My heart began to remind me that we are one with nature. Nature loves and supports you!

Going vegan has been key in helping me to create a healthy, happy, strong and agile body. Being vegan can be a pure and positive energy source for the body. I now eat only organic foods and 100% raw foods - fruits and green vegetables. The human body is remarkably powerful and magnificent, yet it appreciates simplicity. I drink plenty of alkaline water and only consume the highest quality local, organic, and consciously grown foods. Grateful to be living in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, I am able to eat plenty of fresh coconuts from local trees, mangos, avocados, bananas and citrus fruits are also abundant (to name a few). We are able to grow kale and lettuce in the garden and live almost entirely off of the land. I encourage everyone vegan or not, to grow as much food as you possibly can as this practice is loving, sustainable & responsible to our planet. Growing also provides local minerals, and high quality nutrients. My body feels amazing when I eat foods that have been harvested within an hour or two of consumption. These local foods maintain vital life force energy, enzymes and connection to their source. Food is medicine, and activating a harmonious vegan consciousness can provide us will all the knowledge we need to maintain a vibrant and youthful body for as long as desired!

As a musician and imaginative free-energy inventor, my vegan connection to Gaia our mother and source has provided me with unlimited clarity and creativity. Eating clean and deepening into my vegan conscious awareness of unity with nature and harmlessness has helped me to love my body and love my soul in ways that I cannot put into words. I began practicing daily meditation, yoga, qi-gong, cycling, hiking & other natural activities as well as maintaining a clean and consciously organized Zen-like Feng shui living space. All these things I attribute to my vegan consciousness of peace, love, equality, harmony and gratitude. So, energy, light and ideas flow to and through me from nature and from source/creation which I have lovingly embraced as an extension of myself.

I presently oscillate between fruitarian, raw-vegan, liquidarian (drinking only water & tea) and a sort of breatharian taking only water and sun gazing.  I find constant inspiration in my 5 year old son Djxani, and 3 year old daughter Soleil who are both born vegans. They share an amazing creativity, vibrant health and light that brings me priceless joy!

Our planet and the universe are unlimited and abundant. There is no lack or competition and there is enough for all to thrive joyfully without harming any other. The energy of vegan or harmlessness itself is nourishing. I travel light and  bring peace and clean water wherever I go. The vegan ethos lives in my soul. I share the vegan spirit through my intentionally uplifting music. I also invent and share free-energy, plasma energy, and quantum healing solutions as a service to humanity in collaboration with the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. This is also an expression of my personal embodiment of the vegan spirit as we create a New Earth of true freedom, abundance, health, balance and unity.  "One Planet, One Nation, One Race".

You are invited to check out my all vegan/vegetarian world music band SolStar, and please link up with me via Instagram, Facebook and my website! 

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