FEATURE: Sonia Moise

Hi! My name is Sonia Moise and I go by the name the_humble_vegan on IG. I became a vegetarian about 7 years ago because, ironically, my daughter learned how meat was actually brought to the store and onto our table. She was absolutely mortified! I was shocked as well because I thought she knew the process. My  daughter, Katherine, is the cook in the family and after she explained what her eyes witnessed she said to me "Mommy, I'm not touching meat anymore, I'll make fish but not meat."

From that day forward, we both became vegetarians. I too, shared her views after I saw the look in her eyes and the compassion in her voice. The slaughter of animals for our own selfish consumption is heartbreaking and unethical. As a Registered Nurse, I also find that meat is the cause of so many illnesses, such as gastrointestinal issues, circulatory problems and heart disease. Prior to being a vegetarian, I had digestive issues and my cholesterol had increased to the point where my physician wanted to start me on an anti-hyperlipidemia drug. He knew how I personally felt about drugs of any sort so I had no choice to change what how I ate. Once I changed my eating habits, my digestive issues went away and my cholesterol came down dramatically.

My only downfall, still, was dairy and seafood. I found that dairy has too many pesticides and antibiotics which can influence many illnesses as well and the water in which the fish and shellfish swam is also tainted. My vegan journey began 3 years ago and I've never felt better. My energy is up, my skin is bright and my temperament is much better. With the practice of veganism and yoga, my balance in life has never been better. Namaste!