FEATURE: Anthony X. Jackson

Hello, I'm Anthony X.Jackson, a Black Vegan living in Vallejo, Ca. I am 44 years of age. I am currently employed as a Chef at Hiddenbrooke Golf Course. My passion is vegan food, though I work in an omnivorous environment at the time. My ambition is to start a vegan food enterprise, such as a food truck or bistro.

I have been vegan for nearly 9 months now and there's no looking back. I, like many, was vegetarian for years before. I am also in recovery from drug use, 19 months nearly. I was homeless and hooked on meth for many years. Strangely, sobriety was the onus of my vegan choice. I found out that cheese is just like a hard drug to the body... in my drive to be clean of any and all mind altering substances, well, vegan just clicked for me then.  Really. I have watched many documentaries in my time, but the cheese/drug thing did it for me.

As a chef, I take great joy in sharing the art of food not prepared using animal ingredients. I might add, this is my chosen form of culinary activism. I document my creations on my Facebook page and a few vegan food groups, but mostly in my profile. Over the last 9 months I have attained a tremendous wealth of gratitude and appreciation of veganism. I have been given the role of In-house Vegan Chef here at Hiddenbrooke. I have lobbied successfully to include vegan items on our menu. From homeless to culinary crafter. That's my story, thanks for letting me share.