Jenné Claiborne aka Sweet Potato Soul

In 2011 I became vegan, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I was compelled to give up animal products while working at a vegan restaurant in New York City––Peacefood Cafe––and becoming aware of the cruel and unethical ways animals are treated. 

I grew up with an understanding of what a vegan is because my dad was raised vegan, as a Hebrew Israelite. Growing up I had a handful of family members who were vegan, but I couldn’t relate to their religious motivation for abstaining from animal products. It wasn’t until I moved to NYC and met other young vegans that I started understanding vegansim as a lifestyle outside of religious contexts, and it made so much sense to me once I understood the plight of animals. 

After becoming vegan I quickly started to feel so much better: physically, mentally, and spiritually. I always loved to cook, but experimenting with vegan cooking ignited a definite passion within me. I promptly quit my hustle as an actress, and started a vegan personal chef service so that I could share this lifestyle with more people. 

These days I share my vegan lifestyle with fans of my blog, Sweet Potato Soul, and on my Youtube channel. Veganism is more than food. It has influenced the way I look at the world and made me a much more compassionate person and consumer. 

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