FEATURE: Holly Draper

In February I was in the midst of emotional turmoil. I was losing my job, going through heartache with a failed relationship, and felt lost on which direction in life I should go. The only thing I did know was that I needed some form of healing. After starting counseling sessions to heal emotionally, I sat around and thought about a more physical approach to recovery.

As a former vegetarian, I especially noticed with my return to meat-eating that I felt nauseated, and plain disgusting internally and externally. I was binge eating, and my skin was constantly breaking out. I decided that if I truly wanted to heal holistically, I should start internally with what I eat. With plans of returning to vegetarianism, I found a great 30 day detox that would help me transition back into the plant-based world. The detox required me to maintain a mostly raw vegan diet and even provided great recipes and a schedule to go by.

By the middle of my detox, I realized that being a vegan isn't as hard as I originally thought and continued to maintain the vegan aspect of my diet. My journey as a vegan so far has been very fulfilling. I've inspired others around me to up their intake of fruits and vegetables. When I'm traveling I love to bring friends with me to black-owned vegan restaurants so they can feed their curiosity. Most of the time they really enjoy their meals. My personal goal is to eventually become raw vegan. I have a long way to go within my journey to reach that place, but I will slowly but surely get there.

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