FEATURE: Crystal Polyi

My name is Crystal Polyi, I am a 37 year old Black Vegan. I turned vegan two years ago. I always saw myself as a natural person, from running track in high school to my first born. When I was pregnant the doctors pressured me to take the pregnancy pills, I refused but agreed to replace the pills with natural foods. I was given a list of food I must eat every month, and overtime they checked my blood, and I met my target. The doctors were shocked and amazed when I did make it happen. This was about 12 years ago, I had food stamp cards and I only used the cards for dairy and juice, anything unhealthy I wouldn’t buy or I gave away for free to other mothers in the market. So, healthy eating and living is possible even if you are broke.

Holistic health is preventive care, we don’t wait until we are sick to seek help. This is why Preventive care is so important in the black communities or any community. Most, people will say, “why should I eat healthy ?” or “I don’t need that”, not knowing you should be feeding your body healthy foods and herbs. Prevention is KEY, and we need to educate our black community on this.  

 I decided to turn away from meat, and fast. I also have a daily yoga practice, morning meditation, and I eat Vegan. Vegan is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. I am currently in school at “Ayurveda World” in NYC to become a Board Certified “Holistic Health Practitioner”. I graduate this October in 2016. My goal is to create a natural healing cure for Cancer & HIV/AIDS…also Diabetes and other chronic conditions. I have a natural way to prevent some of these diseases. I have healthy options for most chronic disease, such as herbs, vitamins, foods and other natural healing therapies. Currently, I’m looking to work with other Holistic Doctors or Practitioners in the field. When clients come to work with me, I treat the patient, not the disease. My website will be coming soon, where I will hold Consultations. 

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