FEATURE: Lacresha Berry

Photo Credit:  Kamau Ware for Warehouse Gallery  Twitter:  @kamauware  

Photo Credit: Kamau Ware for Warehouse Gallery Twitter: @kamauware 

Lacresha is a performer and teaching artist from Lexington, KY now residing in Queens. She is a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky where she received her B.A. in Theater.  She currently works as the musical director for BK Nation, a movement of people from all backgrounds that spark projects and campaigns, led by the people, for the people; where she curates the quarterly live music and culture sessions throughout the city. She is a regular host for the popular Inspired Word NYC Open Mic Series across the city. Berry recently released her album, "Daddy's Girl" on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. She is currently performing in her one-woman show, BrownGirl. Bluegrass, an autobiographical story that examines the rarely documented cultural history of African-Americans in Kentucky through prose, poetry, and song.

Lacresha writes:

I went vegan in August of 2007. I had been toying with being vegetarian and mock meats for a while but I never fully committed.  And to be honest, it was over a period of several years that I transitioned. I sing and perform so milk went bye bye in 2004. Then, after doing this intense fast, all dairy was gone. That was 2006! Eggs and I didn't get along so I was just left with the meat. I gave up meat at first because my stomach troubles got the best of me. I have been sensitive since being a baby. I read a few books that woke me up and I haven't looked back since. 

My journey has been a process, for sure!  I was no longer in pain and I've reversed the aging process. My cholesterol is down, blood pressure is consistently low, and I'm stronger and more energetic than ever! I eat raw a lot and I am in love with dark leafy greens and bananas. I'm thankful for the change and now, there are so many mainstream options for vegans--so I'm definitely thankful for the cruelty free choices. 

I'm humbled by the opportunity to share my story and hopefully inspire someone else to go vegan! 

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