FEATURE: Ashley and Taylor Howell


If someone told us a year ago that we would be vegans we would have laughed.  “ Us, Vegans?” No, we can’t give up meat! Well, we were definitely fooling ourselves for believing that one.

  Our Journey as vegans started January 2015 and has since blossomed into an exceptional lifestyle with no regrets.  We started with little to no knowledge about veganism which made the start of our journey a bit rough and a little challenging. With meat still in our refrigerator we had to figure out our next big challenge. “What to eat!” We later learned about Dr. Sebis Alkaline diet, which gave us a start on what foods were beneficial for our health.  After a month of trying his method we realized that this was much harder than we thought, but we didn't turn back.  We dived deep into learning more and more about the benefits of veganism and became compelled to watch our first documentary Forks over Knives. Once we saw how people were living off of a plant based diet, we knew it was game on.  We than could not stop watching food documentaries as they seem more interesting now then they did in the past. 

With clarity and focus we became driven to eating foods that fueled our cells and nourished our bodies.  Not to mention YouTube helped get us through countless nights when we had no clue on what to cook.  Suddenly we began to crave foods that we’ve never eaten before such as mushrooms, avocados, and mangoes, just to name a few.  We definitely started to notice the change in our bodies and became excited that we were on this journey together.  All of a sudden everyone around us started seeing our results and wanted in.  Now, everyone's inner vegan began to surface all because we were on this journey and made it look so easy.

As for our parents they absolutely could not believe that we had stopped eating meat, but became so proud that there girls where so passionate about being vegans.  As they are our biggest cheerleaders we always try our best to constantly educate them on the benefits of a plant based diet, taking them through baby steps in making a change for the best.

Our goal is not to bombard the world with our new lifestyle but to show how we live and how much fun we have together.  Now the art of cooking as a vegan provides us with so much creativity that we want to soon share with the world our favorite cuisines.  We hope to inspire more Blacks to partake in this “life of luxury.”


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