FEATURE: Josue Joseph

I went vegan because it was the logical next step. It was how I would finally become the best version of myself. I had not come to realize that love was the answer to the world's problems but most people do not know what true love is. Neither did I. So, I wanted to find true love. I wanted to finally be able to love myself FOR REAL. Because it is in LOVING yourself, TRULY LOVING yourself, that you will finally be able to love others. 

I stopped littering and did more recycling. I started watching videos on YouTube about veganism that blew my mind. It was then that I realized it was time to fight for the planet, even if it meant that I would be condemned for it. At first, I did not eat enough, but as time went on and I kept learning, all I do is eat now. 

A lot of my friends support me but have not been able to make the connection. Some love that I have the strength to do it and wish they had it themselves, and others just straight up think I am crazy. My aunt Danielle and Uncle Alain, though they were always cool, are now vegan as well. #Onehappylife. The rest of the family, well most of them, love to make fun of me but its all good. There is usually no food for me at family events or work events but each year it gets better and this is a fight worth fighting for. There are also plenty of other vegans out there and we are friendly.

We gotta talk about the animals though. They do not deserve what is happening to them. They never did anything to us. Even though their numbers are higher than us they do not try to harm us. They simply just plead for their lives and hope that someone hears their cries. Well I hear them crying and I will fight for them. We simply plead that you hear their cries as well fellow #Earthling.

Veganism is not a white thing. Thinking there are "white" things is the problem. We all gotta do this. We all gotta start loving each other. We are #EARTHLINGS. The way these animals are being treated is no different than how our ancestors were treated. How dare we not speak up for them? We know their pain, we know their struggles. We are equal to them. They are our friends and we look out for our friends.