FEATURE: Narissa Johnson

My decision to become a vegan was immediate. I watched Earthlings and the desire to consume or wear anything from animals was gone. I was devastated once I learned how animals were being bred and housed in order to end up on someone's plate. I do not want to contribute to the success of the meat industry in any way.

After a few months of eating plant based meals, I noticed weight loss and increased amounts of energy. This was a great start for me and I was encouraged to further my research on the health benefits of veganism. The movie Forks Over Knives was a catalyst for the new quest I was embarking on. I learned so much about using food as "medicine". Following a plant based diet can improve the body in so many ways. High blood pressure and diabetes are two very serious health problems in the African American community. I believe a vegan lifestyle can greatly reduce the casualties that are related to diabetes and high blood pressure. 

My own experience with going vegan is the topic of many discussions among my friends and family. I don't mind answering questions (no matter how insulting some may be!) that people ask about my choice to be a vegan. To my surprise, many of my friends will even try my recipes! As a result of my lifestyle change, my entire household enjoys a meat free existence! The transition was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I am proud to lead by example for my three children. It has been two years since I have given up meat, and I will never go back to my former eating habits. I absolutely LOVE being a vegan!


Twitter: Mrs. Loc'd Vegan