FEATURE: Annika Lundkvist

I am a photographer and writer. I have been vegan since 2014. I started working as a freelance photographer in Germany in 2011 where I worked with a range of clients for many different photo needs. When I became vegan my interest in collaborating and working with other vegans was immediate. I started covering food at different restaurants, and I began to interview and take portraits of vegans.  In 2015 I began publishing in a number of magazines including US based Vegan Health and Fitness, for which I am a columnist and UK based Vegan Life magazine.

I am biracial. My mom is from Harlem NYC and my dad is from Malmo, Sweden. I have lived in many states and several countries and am excited to journey on with my family, always connecting with other vegans along the way, documenting and telling stories. I really fell in love with food when I became vegan and a lot of my work demonstrates that!

Make sure to check out my website where you can find my work: http://veganforallseasons.com/.

Annika has recently released an interview series about vegan pregnancy, parenthood, and childhood. Check out her interview series HERE