FEATURE: The Southern V

Transitioning towards a Vegan lifestyle was fairly easy for our family given the dairy intolerance and more severe allergies that our youngest daughter experienced.  The ethical reasons only helped propel us as well. However there were limited options for Vegan sweets, and a meal without dessert is just cruel right?

 Self-taught and naturally creative, Tiffany went to the lab to get cooking.  Creating Nashville's first and only vegan ice cream cake and beloved "KK" style glazed yeast donuts, vegans and non-vegans are loving that their tastebuds can't tell the difference!

We have dedicated a lot of time mastering our craft and are confident that you will taste the authenticity. People are amazed that so much flavor can come from treats that are free of dairy, eggs, soy, artificial coloring or flavors, and animal-derived products. Our hope is to educate others through food. Once you try us, we will convert you! Our belief is that if you can find a cleaner, allergy-friendly and cruelty-free substitute, why wouldn't you make the switch to veganism?

The Southern V storefront is slated for a Summer 2016 opening and will include a cafe menu and by-the-scoop ice cream offerings. Currently, you can order online or find us at pop-up locations and events around the city. If you are in or around the Nashville, TN area, be sure to find us at Nashville's first Vegan Festival on April 9, 2016 from 10am-4pm on Vanderbilt University's Campus.