FEATURE: Joshua Black aka Urban Black Vegan

My name is Joshua Black aka Urban Black Vegan and this is my story. I've been a vegetarian/ vegan for more than 25 years. I started as a vegetarian over 20 years ago. The problem was I had become an unhealthy junk food vegetarian. A lot of fried everything, pizza and processed foods. This led to diabetes, weight gain and the associated complications . At this point I was a very sick vegetarian, suffering from low self esteem and a sense of failure. 

Until one night , July 4th 2011 at about 11:30pm I remember it clearly, I came across the documentary Fat Sick and nearly Dead. This documentary literally changed my life. I was able to relate to the story which shifted my thinking. It's hard to explain but it was as if I had been reprogrammed to think differently. The next day was the start to a 31 day juice only fast. I lost over 50 pounds, reversed my diabetes, dropped all medication, blurred vision, neuropathy and self esteem issues,. This is when my vegan journey really started to take root.

So after my 31 day Juice fast I committed to a healthy vegan lifestyle, I incorporated a lot of physical fitness and reactivated my gym membership. I was so inspired I became a certified personal trainer and began to share my testimony on the healing power of food.

Fast forward to today I have launched a Youtube channel Urban Black Vegan which covers issues such as food choices, how to transition to a plant based diet, social and political issues surrounding food, weight loss and information relatable to helping the black community understand the ethical and physical benefits of being vegan. I look forward to speaking to groups, growing my youtube channel and finishing my ebook The $5. Vegan (A guide to eating and living healthy on a budget).

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