FEATURE: Kyronne

My name is Kyronne, I am a poet/learning mentor and began my transition to veganism after transitioning to veggie about 5 years ago with my family to help my sister with her Eczema. 

Now before I go into the story, I was one of the most avid meat eaters. My family went veggie when I was 13 and continued to eat meat as I thought being veggie was absurd. I loved eating meat, I was happy to cook meat, and I would of happily tried anything and wasn't bothered by how the animals were treated, but that all changed.

My sister was 3 at time and her eczema was so bad she would scratch herself until she bled; in the mornings her bed would be drenched with blood. We tried natural creams, acupuncture, even osteotherapy and then after a lot of pressure from the doctors, used a steroid cream which led my sister to develop boils on her face and it was becoming more severe. We were desperate for a solution and after reading a book on food allergies and intolerances (The Complete Guide to Food Allergy and Intolerance by Jonathan Brostoff, Linda Gamlin); we realised that a lot of the foods we/most people eat are impacting our health negatively (ex. dairy, red meats, processed food, white rice, wheat and so much more). So we decided to cut them out of her diet and because of how close it was to being veggie, we decided to make that step too.

Around this time my cousin gave me a book called The Kemetic Diet by Muata Ashby which went into the health benefits of veganism and the roots it has in Ancient Egypt. This pushed me even closer to veganism, but it was only after watching Earthlings and seeing the impact the meat and dairy industry had on the animals, did I decide to become vegan.

As someone who was once an ignorant meat-eater, the information and facts are there all. We have to just present it in the right way: being vegan is good for the environment, good for ourselves and good for the animals. There are documentaries like VegucatedCowspiracy, and even more and more places catering to vegans. veganism is on the rise and Black Vegans Rock is a prime example of this, so let's keep on supporting and sharing.

Here is my website/tumblr where you can find links to all my social media, as well as my poetry. I'm also making an effort to post more Vegan/Health related stuff on it:  www.kyronne.co.uk