FEATURE: Karl Henderson

My name is Karl Henderson and I am a 17 year old vegan. I went vegan in October of 2014 after watching a documentary titled Earthings. After watching the documentary and crying my eyes out, I decided that taking animal products out of my diet, as well as protesting against wearing leather, fur, wool suede, and silk, was the right thing to do.

My initial reason for pursuing a vegan lifestyle was the animals, but as time went by, I learned more information. The environmental and health aspects of veganism reinforced my passion for this lifestyle. Being the only vegan in the history of my family, my family members had trouble understanding the way that I ate at first, but I am happy to say that they understand now and are in complete support of me.

My journey so far has made my real, it has brought me clarity and assurance as to who I truly am, and all that I am meant to be. I've helped people transition into a vegan lifestyle and I enjoy informing people of the many wonderful benefits of eliminating animal products. I've encountered lots of love as well as hate along my vegan journey, but those experiences have made me a stronger advocate. 

Check out Karl's YouTube channel Karl With a K