FEATURE: Evan Wheeler

My name is Evan Wheeler I'm a very determined vegan who is a personal trainer, activist, athlete, mentor, life coach, and motivational speaker. I was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, one of the most dangerous inner city urban areas in America. I rarely saw gardens growing up and the freshest vegetables I ever had were out of cans, but as I grew up to become an athlete, I began to take an interest in nutrition.

My journey began with cutting out pork, beef, and dairy products at the young age of 19  where I started to notice a rise in energy, an immune system boost, and better athletic performance. The next stages of my life led me to be a collegiate sprinter and captain of the University of Tampa track team, as well as a journalist. I started doing research on veganism and naturalism for the next 5 years.

My vegan journey began about 8 months ago and is still going strong. With each and every day that passes, I feel one with the earth where I'm returning my body to it's natural order of living. I wanted to become one with the earth by detoxing my body from these false beliefs that you need to kill and eat flesh to survive and become strong in life. Each day I defy the stereotype that only white people can successfully be vegan and successfully stay vegan long term, I was a 2016 Rio Olympic hopeful but unfortunately, I failed to qualify and make the team with so many other great athletes competing, but I would like to share my story hopefully to inspire others to embark on the vegan journey.