FEATURE: Cornelius Brown

Since I was a child, I never wanted to finish eating the flesh of a chicken's leg or other parts of an animal's bones. Something in the back of my mind believed there was something wrong! Due to my IGNORance of it, as I started to get older, I grew up fishing, gutting, and witnessed plenty of animals being killed, opened up, and then eaten on the spot! That enabled me to taste and know the difference between NATURAL carnivore and a CONDITIONED carnivore. The moment I started being attracted to the truth, awareness was raised in my own household. Together we began to search and research HOW the body works, which then made us aware of how all complex diseases occur in the body, and WHY we as humans are NOT internally compatible to consume DEAD bodies aka flesh meat!

We also had to learn how to recognize why we had even thought eating meat was normal in the first place! ILLUSIONS! Now that we have come this far, I am now able to think clearly, recognize our society's illusions, and eat ONLY compatible foods that fuel life inside of our bodies! I am now assisting in spreading awareness and I am currently studying to become a holistic health and wellness consultant. Also, my brother and I are CEO and Co-CEO of the Official DARK DIAMOND LLC brand/organization, which is the official sponsor of L.O.T.I.H. Natural Alternatives Workshops, and pro-boxing athlete: Ken "Scrappy" Taylor!

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