FEATURE: Courtney

As a child it was rare that I would finish an entire serving of meat. In 2008 I realized that I only consumed meat if it was heavily seasoned and covered in a lot of dressing or sauce. I realized I enjoyed the sides of my meals more than the meat. I found a local vegan restaurant with wonderful people that introduced me to veganism. I started to incorporate vegan meals into my diet but I was still consuming meat and dairy.

About two years ago I became a pescatarian and eventually a vegetarian. I intended to stick with eating a vegetarian diet. One day while watching television I watched a show that had absolutely nothing to do with veganism. It showed a beautiful farm with a cow eating grass. They went on to show the cow exploring the farm throughout the show and gave the cow a number. Suddenly the farmer made the cow walk into a shed. The next scene was of a package of meat with a separate piece of paper with the cows number on it. That changed my entire mind frame instantly and I have been on a vegan journey ever since. Each day I am learning more about veganism and how it is much more than just a diet. 

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