FEATURE: Missa Thompson

My name is Missa- as soon as I saw an opportunity to share a story with Black Vegans Rock, I thought of how I felt in college, when I was slogging away at a treadmill for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, eating "high protein" meals because I thought it would help me lose weight and not feel terrible anymore. When a doctor told me that I was borderline hypertensive, I knew something had to give. But it was when I got food poisoning-twice!- from poorly prepared meat that I realized how unsustainable my lifestyle was.

I watched a video called "Meet Your Meat", which made me so angry at what my choices were doing to animals, sentient beings who feel pain as I do. I decided to go vegan right away.

Fast forward ten years later, I am in better shape than I ever was, and have reaped more health benefits than I thought possible! I feel proud that each day my life is a peaceful one, knowing that I can make a choice to do no harm to animals.