Dr. Nycole P. Lyles-Belton

In Love With My Vegan Lifestyle

By: Dr. Nycole P. Lyles-Belton

I have always considered myself to be loving, caring and compassionate. Due to my life’s challenges which I have overcome by the grace of God, my entire heart and soul has developed and even greater love and passion for total life in general. As one who empowers and travels the country giving messages of hope and transitioning from being good enough to living in greatness, I found there was still an area of my life where my compassion needed to be elevated. This area was my view of animals.

It was from a desire of being transparent and honest  that I started viewing various videos and posts via social media depicting animals being severely beaten, tormented and treated less than what any of us humans would like or tolerate. My attention was arrested and drawn to the importance of the life of animals. Animals, who I view as people who have their own individual personality and heartbeat who are deserving of living in a habitat or environment conducive to who they are, should not be harmed.

I began to think about my two fluff balls, my Teacup Poodle Nick and my Tiny Toy Poodle Mia. My thoughts began to linger around the question of what if my Poodles were tortured, harmed for the enjoyment of humans. That thought literally made my heart feel as if it was breaking into pieces. I knew at that moment I was ready to make the needed changes in my life to no longer allow my body to be a graveyard for animals. Instead of selecting my foods according to the desires of my taste buds, I began selecting my foods based upon the convictions I hold in my heart. It is my belief that no one or nothing should have to suffer or be sacrificed for my enjoyment. Therefore I began my journey for a year and a half as a vegetarian and transitioned to a full vegan.

Three years later, with much overflowing joy in my heart, I proudly saying, “My name is Dr. Nycole P. Lyles-Belton and I AM unapologetically a vegan.” It should be noted that though I am a vegan I do not judge others for their choices nor do I force my life choice on others. Instead, I use my own personal experiences to serve as my stance on veganism. I believe my approach in doing so has caused many others to also become vegans. Becoming a vegan is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my entire life and one that I honor with the utmost love and compassion. It is my prayer that my lifestyle in general empowers others to know they too can use their life challenges to become a greater person who makes powerful choices which positively impacts our world.

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