FEATURE: Kevin Tillman

Kevin is the founder of the Vegan Hip-Hop Movement, a space where food justice with a plant-based/decolonial perspective meets hip hop. The Vegan Hip-Hop Movement explores the intersections of other animal/human/earth liberation. He feels that hip-hop is rooted in resistance. The Vegan Hip-Hop Movement fuses veganism and hip hop to promote holistic activism. Kevin is a public speaker, animal rights activist, as well as a feminist.

In an interview with Vegan Straight Edge, he said:

"Hip Hop has historically served as the mouthpiece for oppressed groups in society (i.e. the poor and people of color). Veganism applied to this level of activism only expands the circle for other oppressed beings, and other animals. We are all animals, and the sooner folks make the connection, the better off we all are."

Here's a video with Keith Tucker (Hop Hop is Green) and Kevin Tillman presenting at the Resistance Ecology Conference. 


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