FEATURE: Janyce Denise Glasper (Afro Vegan Chick)

For almost four years, AfroVeganChick, a 2012 New Year's Resolution project gone sweetly right, has focused on a plant based lifestyle which features recipes, product reviews, and eating-out vegan travels. Natural hair journey is a major factor as well. I have shared my natural hair progress, important lessons discovered along the way, and natural hair inspiration pics/fashions from various sources such as Essence Magazine, natural hair pinterest accounts, and more. 

Vegan, cruelty free black owned beauty products and my own personal recipes for my hair, face, and body are also featured on the site and are very important. It's imperative that black people know the ingredients in their food and beauty supplies. They have to know why it's in there.

Supporting black business owners- especially natural sisters holding the greatest source of fruitful expertise-- can really shape our culture which is the fabric of our existence. If their businesses grow and flourish, so do we. 

AfroVeganChick includes highlighting black artists too. As a visual person, having received my BFA in drawing and working on my master's in painting, I realized that I must bridge my vegan pursuits with my art and my artist ardor. It's a tough battle because this isn't necessarily a vegan issue, but more so a focus on blackness and how other artists are centering blackness in their work. I discuss my studio practice and the work of others, unleashing to readers a creative awareness outside of the kitchen. Black artists exist and they're making beautiful work that must be seen and experienced. I write about veganism and art. Both fill my heart and give me reason every day to type,photograph, and document. 

I selected pieces that reflect the joy of cooking and the thrall of making art and seeing it in live performance and visual. 

Links to Janyce's Work