FEATURE: Khaleeqa L. Rouse

Khaleeqa is on a mission to help busy people find their signature healthy lifestyle!

Khaleeqa Rouse has had quite the journey to health. Founder of Paparoxi, a brand that encourages people to find their authentic healthy voice, Khaleeqa has motivated thousands of people to change their lives and find health. Khaleeqa understands the frustrations and failures of over-scheduled people when it comes to maintaining health. She was once on the brink of a health catastrophe. As a stock broker, MBA graduate and entrepreneur, Khaleeqa's health suffered greatly early in her professional carer. 

 However, her life turned around when she discovered the power of faith, whole foods, and endurance sports. She plans to inspire the world to drop the fad diets, quick weight loss tricks and fitness crazes and become authentically fit for life. 

As an executive director for a thriving non-profit school, Khaleeqa has become an expert at remaining healthy while juggling a full time schedule. In her role as executive director, she has transformed the health of an urban community. Khaleeqa has started a community vegetable garden, implemented employee health initiatives, started programs for families to get access to healthier food; presented cooking demonstrations and enacted pre-k curriculum geared toward hands-on-healthy eating and fitness education. She has also partnered with local government and health advocacy groups to bring about healthy change to underserved populations. 

Khaleeqa's thriving online community has allowed her to share simple fresh recipes; inspirational videos and thought provoking articles on how everyday people can change their lives for good. In 2014, Khaleeqa completed Ironman Lake Placid, a race which consists of a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run in under 17 hours. She's went on to embrace a lifestyle of mostly raw fruits and vegetables which has afforded her freedom, energy, and profound health. 

Khaleeqa has been featured on multiple media outlets such as NBC News, Black Enterprise, The Rachel Ray Show, and Essence. Her story of faith, authentic hard work and change has resonated with audiences across America.

Khaleeqa's presentations are driven by the idea that health and fitness is not one size fits all; and that everyone must find their signature healthy voice. Her talks inspire and encourage crowds to discover what their healthy lifestyle may look like. Whether it's running a marathon, trying a juice cleanse or starting a garden, Khaleeqa wants audiences to get outside of their comfort zone and live in the unchartered waters of health authenticity. 

Khaleeqa is driven to serve and educate people because she remembers her life before she found health: the great burden she carried of stress, depression and low self-esteem. She knows what its like to go through a storm and come out victorious! Khaleeqa wants busy people everywhere to take up their healthy sword and fight for their lives.