FEATURE: Cory Booker

In 2013, Cory Booker became the first U.S. black senator in the state of New Jersey. In 1992 he became vegetarian, and in 2014 he decided to become vegan. In an interview with Philly.com, he states:

"But the compelling reasons that made be become a vegetarian are pretty much the same compelling reasons for me to become a vegan. I almost felt like I'd been playing avoidance on [it] for a long time, just giving in to things like Ben and Jerry's and New Jersey pizza...I have to say I feel a lot better, both emotionally and physically...While some people might think trying to be vegan would make your life more complicated, it's actually making my life more simple and cleaner...

 When you find yourself trying to avoid the truth about something because it's inconvenient, because you know it doesn't align with your values and your moral compass...I wasn't living my truth...Everybody struggles. We're all working to live our best selves, and we should do less judging and more encouraging." 

Though he was initially going to try veganism throughout 2014, he is still vegan. In 2015, after attending a cocktail party hosted by President Obama, he complained that there weren't any vegan options. He is very vocal about his vegan politics and advocates against animal cruelty and oppression.