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(2) 200-500 words explaining why you're vegan and what your vegan journey has been like

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Whether you've been an animal rights activist for 30+ years or if you're just starting your vegan journey, we are interested in your story! 

We will spotlight you on all of our social media channels, as well as the website. We will also include your work in our weekly newsletter to subscribers. 

While our community is very diverse, we ask that ALL submitted materials be appropriate and suitable for all audiences and all ages. This is a multi-generational, international space so please be mindful of this policy. We will personally use our judgment to see whether or not your material is appropriate. We reserve the right to NOT feature you if we feel that your materials do not meet our guidelines or are offensive to certain populations. 

We will not accept any materials that are trans-antagonistic, sexist, racist, etc.