1. Why are you only focusing on Black vegans? Isn’t that racist?

No. This is a community-building space. We seek to highlight Black vegans and their stories, especially because we are usually excluded from mainstream representations of veganism. However, we certainly recognize that the vegan media landscape is changing, in part, due to websites like BVR.

While the work of ALL vegans is important (and we welcome their support and ally-ship), this space is specifically for Black vegans. However, we would urge you to check out other organizations that focus on different vegans of color like: Vegans of Color, Vegan Voices of Color, Animal Liberationists of Color, Portland Vegans of Color, and more.

2. Isn’t veganism a “white person’s thing?”

No. The goal of this website is to demonstrate how there are different types of vegan and animal rights activisms, even within Black vegan spaces.


3. Isn’t it insensitive to be talking about veganism and animal rights at a time when the conversation should be about systemic           racism?

Here at BVR we firmly believe that veganism and animal rights efforts are (or perhaps should be) an integral part of dismantling white supremacy. While most of the public is accustomed to seeing insensitive racist comparisons from mainstream animal rights organizations who borrow imagery from Black struggles to draw sympathy to animals (without simultaneously advocating for Black liberation), there are certainly other ways of doing the work that exist outside of these insensitive comparisons. A lot of decolonial scholars recognize how animality is a source of oppression for racialized humans as well. For a more in-depth discussion of this, please check out the book Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism from Two Sisters.


4 . Are you still accepting submissions? How do I get featured on this website?

We are open to accepting new features, however, we no longer prioritize featuring someone every day (as we did in the past). We are always happy to add new voices to the website. Send an email to blackvegansrock [at] gmail [dot] com. This site has been around since 2016, and we feel like we've generally made our point with the features we already have up on the website.


5. I submitted my information, but why didn’t I get featured?

Because of the sheer volume of emails that we’re receiving, it is difficult to get to everyone’s email immediately. Keep checking the website to see if your feature is up. If your feature is not posted within thirty days of your submission, send us an email to check in. If your submission is inappropriate or not suitable for most audiences, we reserve the right to not feature you. 

6. Do I have to be vegan to get featured?

Yes. The whole goal of the website is to spotlight Black folks who are normally marginalized in other communities because of their vegan politics. We want to center Black vegans who are usually not centered in any other spaces. 


7. Can I be vegetarian and still get featured?

No. Again, the goal of the website is to specifically cater to Black vegans. Vegans and vegetarians are not the same thing. Vegans don’t wear or consume any animal products at all and vegetarians still consume and wear animal products. (Yes, we know that's a super basic, crass definition). We are not afraid to specifically cater to vegans. However, if your organization caters to both vegetarians and vegans, or deals with Black vegans in any way, we can discuss it further. Send an email to info [at] blackvegansrock.com if you have any questions that pertain to this issue. We acknowledge that a lot of Black people have historically chosen to not label themselves as vegan because of its association to whiteness, which is why a lot of vegan Black people still label themselves as vegetarian, even though they are actually vegan.


8. Do I have to live in the U.S. to get a feature?

Absolutely not. Though the founder of the site lives in America, she is invested in advertising Black vegans all over the world. 


9. I’m a mixed-race Black person. Can I still get featured?

Absolutely. The racial landscape of Blackness is diverse, and we aim to celebrate that diversity. 


10. Is Black Vegans Rock affiliated with any particular religion?



11. Do you offer medical advice?

No. At BVR, we are scholars and activists, but not doctors. BVR is a representational project, meaning, we are interested in sharing peoples' stories, not giving out medical advice. We are not trained to give out medical tips. Though many of the people we feature discuss medical issues they've experienced, we don't necessarily promote veganism as a solution to fix all of your medical problems. Additionally, we don't want to health-shame anyone (especially people who are vegan and still experiencing chronic medical issues), which is why we try our best to edit features as much as we can to ensure we aren't sending out problematic messages. Veganism is a political framework to engage with issues like race, power, species, animal oppression etc., however, here at BVR, we also acknowledge that people celebrate the health benefits of a plant-based diet, and we don't mind sharing that part of their journey as well! 


12. I was featured on the website, but I'm not vegan anymore. What should I do?

When we feature people on Black Vegans Rock, we are taking your word that you are vegan. However, we understand that for some folks, veganism is a journey with ups and downs. If you're at a point where you're no longer vegan, send us an email at blackvegansrock [at] gmail [dot] com, and we will un-publish your feature.  We want to be fair and honest with our followers, which is why we ask that you be honest with us about where you're at with your veganism.

If we find that you've submitted a feature but you're not actually vegan, we will remove you from the website.

13. Where can I find a comprehensive list of all of the people you’ve featured so far?

Please check out our INDEX page, managed by Pax Ahimsa Gethen.