Dom Cole is a musician and an actor. You can stream Cole's music project called "Saint Marc."

Well for me it was definitely a transition to becoming a vegan.  I was kind of lost for a few years, just trying to find myself. So I started getting into the "higher" learning practices of meditation and self-realization.

That practice would teach me about love, compassion and kindness. As I started to get a deeper connection within the total divine of the universe, something kept telling me that in order to truly reach my full potential, I could no longer make my body a graveyard and I should practice peace. 

What really drew the line was when I was shopping at Whole Foods one day during a lunch rush and It was packed with people at the buffet area, and I noticed one thing in particular: everybody was waiting in line for the meat. Now remember this is a buffet filled with all kinds of food besides meat. There were veggies, fruits, seeds, grains and just an abundance of food, but everybody was in line to just eat the meat. That moment I kind of thought to myself that this may be the problem in our society.

So from that day on I chose to become vegan from that realization. 

To be honest I'm not the most educated from an animal rights point of view, nor am I a politician or lawmaker so I don't approach veganism from that angle. I feel like being a black man in America already has enough issues I've had to face and I'm lucky to still be alive past the age of 25 and come to a point of saying "I want my entire life to be filled with peace" including the way I eat.  Has it been easy? Hell nah. Did I have trouble at the beginning of my transformation ? Hell yea I had some falls where I ate some cheese lol  First I went to being a vegetarian, but now I've been a vegan for about 8 months now. It's totally changed my life. 

Health and wellness are not just for the privileged. Health and wellness is for us too.

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