FEATURE: Nana Amma S. Gyamfi

Nana Amma S. Gyamfi is the CEO and Top Vegan African Chef of NAVGK (Nana Amma's Vegan Ghana Kitchen), a vegan Ghanian pop-up restaurant. Originally from New York City, Nana Amma has launched the only 100% vegan African menu worldwide. As an award-winning restaurant at New York's BSF restaurant competition, to media attention at Our Hen House, WGRZ news station and further abroad, her audience emits curiosity and appreciation internationally when they speak of her. With projects pending for future developments in Africa, she moves even further by donating 50% of NAVGK proceeds to Vegans for Africans, a fund created for communities in Ghana and Senegal. 

Nana Amma stems from an interracial family after growing up with a Ghanian father and American mother. As a child, her eating table in the Bronx was served with meat-filled Ghanian dishes such as goat stew and sardines with kenkey, her favorite memory while coping with a difficult childhood. As an adult, she later began to embark on natural healing after becoming diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy at 19 and later, two fibroid tumors. After living in Spain and then moving to Senegal for a year, she began to discover the benefits of veganism on her overall wellness. In continuing this new diet, her 35 year old body slowly healed after naturally eliminating epilepsy, two tumors, and anti-seizure medications that her system was failing from. 

Two years later in 2015, she traveled to Bucharest, Romania where Eat and Meet was waiting to be born. To start, she created a buzz and celebrated The PB Mocktini, a vegan Ghanian cocktail at her first private party in Bucharest. Her first European event drew in guests such as Wanlov the Kubolor to Deborah Vanessa from Ghana. After drawing in the public and Romanian media, Eat and Meet opened its table and later grew into a private international club which currently has a highly selective application process. As a members only club, guests attend private events as new strangers and gather to taste her inviting cuisine as trusted members.

With only 5 months from its launch date, Eat and Meet has already taken over two European cities with many waiting on the wait list. From Bucharest to Belgrade, positive member reviews and media inquiries continue to pour in. In addition to its exclusiveness, its privacy extends to its secret locations, undisclosed menu items and members. This has left many completing a lengthy application with hopes of getting in to discover it all. Currently, a growing intrigue from her fans leaves many to wonder if they will have the opportunity to sample the menu, but more importantly, meet the woman behind it all. 

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Website: www.navgk.com

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